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Trade agent (business coordinator) in Russia

We offer the following opportunities for foreign suppliers:

  • Business coordinator takes orders from your customers directly;
  • responses to client requests;
  • advising clients, including on foreign trade activities, transport logistics, customs clearance, accounting etc.;
  • certification of products in Russia;
  • further support of clients;
  • providing customers with accounting outsourcing services;
  • arranging shipping and other documents associated with the movement of the goods;
  • ensuring delivery of goods to customers from stock;
  • determination of pricing strategies and tactics;
  • development of advertising concepts;
  • communicating with potential clients and customers;
  • preparation and delivery of presentations, distribution of advertising material, etc.;
  • negotiations about the terms and conditions of contracts, tracking payments, operational control of supplies;
  • work with cargo documents and financial documents accompanying the goods;
  • storage and cargo preparation;
  • making delivery of the goods to be transported, if necessary, repacking, sorting, marking;
  • control of shipment;
  • transportation of the goods to the final purchaser;
  • control of fulfillment of financial obligations by the customer under the purchase contract;
  • identifying the cause of non-compliance by the client under the agreement, as well as measures to address them;
  • maintenance of customer base (addresses of retail outlets, sales and purchases, solvency of the client, its business reliability, etc.);
  • monitoring compliance with the commercial policy of the company;
  • represent the company in all institutions, organizations and enterprises, including judicial, notarial, administrative, customs, banks, notaries;
  • contact on behalf of the company, statements and petitions to agencies, organizations, banks, courts, notaries, tax and customs services to legal and physical persons in St. Petersburg;


  • money savings (no need to rent a room or Office, equip workplaces, hire additional workers etc.;
  • as your representative we will always defend your interests;
  • always being on the spot, the business coordinator may at any time visit commercial enterprise, client, agency etc.