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Registration of a legal entity in the Russian Federation

Registration of a limited liability company is the easiest and most popular way of company’s registration in Russia. Limited liability company has charter capital divided into shares.

Enterprise with foreign investments (with foreign capital) is a profit enterprise established in accordance with Russian law, on the territory of Russia, the founders of which are foreign citizens or organizations. The law provides for the possibility of establishment of enterprises with 100 percent foreign capital and joint ventures involving both Russian and foreign founders in Russia.

To register a limited liability company the following steps are required:

  1. Preparation of statute and other documents required for registration;
  2. State registration of a legal entity. Simultaneously with registration the following steps are needed: tax registration, preparation of codes of state statistics (NACE, OKPO and others.), registration in the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund and the Fund of obligatory medical insurance.
  3. Obtaining documents after registration.

The appointment procedure of the head on new established company shall be addressed. At the time of registration of a legal entity the head shall necessarily be a citizen of Russia or a country — member of EAEC (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) or a citizen of another visa-free country previously received a working patent in Russia.

If the director shall be foreigner who needs visa to visit Russia, the procedure shall be others. Initially, the company should be headed by a «temporary» Director — a citizen of one of the above countries.

After the state registration of the company it is needed to register it with the Employment Center, to obtain permission of the Federal Migration Service for the right to receive foreign workers, to issue an invitation for work visa, to obtain for him permission to work in Russia, and only then he/she will be assigned to the post of Director. The appointment of a foreigner as director immediately after establishment of the legal entity before obtaining said permits is a flagrant violation of migration law.

OOO «Importo» provides to foreign legal entities and individuals consulting services relating to the registration of the company in the Russian Federation.