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Analytical market review and marketing research

Checking the demand for your product consists of collection of information about the market, initial negotiations with potential partners, settlements.



I. Market characteristic and conditions

a. Market size and volume
b. Actual tendencies
c. Description of consumer behavior
d. Possible market niches

II. Characteristics of market competition

a. General review
b. Major competitors (local, foreign)
c. Competitive advantages
d. Advertising and marketing activity

III. Overview of distribution channels

a. Overall picture of the distribution of goods in this category
b. List of potential distributors
c. Working conditions
d. Pricing
e. Logistics
f. Certification of goods
g Surcharge of distributors
h. Prices for end consumer in competitive items
i. Regulation of market prices
j. Sensitivity of the market prices

IV. The estimated budget for the entry into the market (certification, logistics, marketing etc.)

V. Possible risks and barriers for the entry into the market

VI. Initial assessment of goods by market participants (distributors, special companies, developers etc.)

VII. Recommendations by Executor related to entry of goods into the target market.