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Shipping logistics

Company Importo has began its activity as logistics operator.

The logistics process shall proceed in compliance with the basic rule of Logistics —7R-Rule:

1R (right product) — right product;
2R (right quality) — right quality;
3R (right quantity) — right quantity;
4R (right time) — right time;
5R (right place) — right place;
6R (right customer) — right customer;
7R (right cost) — right cost.

Over the years we have learned to confidently choose the best routes for transportation of goods, as well as to manage information and material flows parallel.

The company has contracts with major sea, air and land carriers allowing to work in the area of international multimodal transport.

Our specialization is general cargo carried in «customized» transport units (multiload) and containers.

Key regions of delivery of import cargo are Europe, Southeast Asia, North America.















We specialize in «door-to-door» delivery providing necessary related services in the countries of goods departure and arrival.

The company has own trucks to deliver goods within Russia.

Transport types by vehicles:

• Transportation by road
• Air carriage
• Marine transportation
• Railway transportation

Transport types by character:

• International shipping
• Internal shipping
• Multiload shipment
• Modal transportation (multimodal transportation)
• Door-to-door transportation

Special services:

• Cargo inspection at shipper’s warehouse
• Storage and delivery of goods from warehouses in Saint Petersburg, Vilnius, Lithuania
• Goods consolidation at EU warehouses
• Preparation and execution of transport documents (export declaration, transit declaration, carnet TIR, CMR etc)
• Goods tracking
• Customs clearance of import and export goods in Russia
• Execution of permits required to import goods to the Russian Federation (Customs Union, EEU)
• Cargo insurance