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FEA outsourcing

Outsourcing is transition of certain business processes o production service functions by an enterprise to other company specialized in a certain area under a contract.

«Importo» is ready to take over both full or part of the activities related to the implementation of foreign trade transactions.

Work options

Transfer of functions of delivery and customs clearance of cargo
Under this option the company — resident of the Russian Federation being participant of foreign economic activity shall conclude a contract of forwarding service (FS) with «Importo» . In this case, «Importo» as the freight forwarder will provide to customer services of transportation, customs clearance and other related services (if necessary): insurance, certification, consultation on the development of foreign economic contract, etc.
The company — resident of the Russian Federation shall independently conclude foreign trade contract and fulfill its obligations under this contract.

Transfer of importers functions

«Importo» shall conclude a foreign trade contract with a foreign supplier under which delivery is carried out. «Importo» provides delivery and customs clearance of cargo. The company — resident of the Russian Federation conclude a sale contract with Importo and receives cargo after customs clearance at its own store.

Activities carried out by Importo in this case:

  • drafting of foreign trade contract for delivery;
  • selection of optimal logistics scheme;
  • calculation of delivery costs and coordination of payment schedule;
  • making payments;
  • approval of shipment by supplier;
  • organization of cargo;
  • preparation of necessary permits (if necessary);
  • customs clearance;
  • cargo delivery to the specified address;
  • transfer of goods with all necessary documents.


Benefits of working with FEA agent in Russia

For the Russian Supplier:

  • Possibility to concentrate resources on company’s core activities
  • Avoidance of losing time for preparing numerous documentation and negotiating with customs and other related authorities (Rospotrebnadzor, Veterinary and Phytosanitary authorities, Certification bodies etc.)

For the Foreign Supplier:

  • Professional partner who knows how to deliver goods in time without any delays coming from the Russian side
  • Company that can render all related FEA consulting services by one stop principle.