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If you already have market data and understand the basic principles of your own export strategy, the next important step is to find a reliable and competent partner in Russia. First of all these are the buyers of your product.

As a rule namely buyers (distributors, retailers, trading companies, industrial production and others) decide to choose a particular model of structuring the import transaction, in fact, determining the logistics and customs schemes to import goods into the territory of the Russian Federation.

The group of companies «importo» has several trade-purchasing companies being importers (making own customs clearance in Russia) if customers — buyers in Russia are not participants of foreign economic activity.

Acting in place and knowing the specifics of the business environment in Russia, we can arrange at your request searching of potential buyers of your product.

You’ll save time and money entrusting to us this work. Your presence is required only at the end of searching process of business partners, so you need to select one or more companies checked by us and willing to cooperate with you. In order to do this we will organize your visit to the country and conduct joint negotiations round.

How it works?

  1. We shall receive from you detailed information about products you would like to export to Russia
  2. Based on our experience and market knowledge, we select companies that may be potentially interested in purchasing this product
  3. We conduct telephone conversations with these companies in order to identify the actual interest in purchasing products
  4. If so agreed with you, we independently conduct business meetings and presentation of your products
  5. we will organize your visit to the country and conduct joint negotiations round with potential customers
  6. We help your customers to calculate the import costs of goods into Russia (shipping costs, customs clearance, certification, etc.).