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Consulting services

“Importo” renders consultations on the following issues:

  • certification of products in Russia;
  • customs clearance: required documentation, procedures;
  • requirements for packaging, labeling of products in Russia;
  • protection of intellectual property rights;
  • other issues of export/import legislation.

Legal services

  • certification of documents both related or not to foreign economic activity;
  • drawing up and legal examination of any kind of agreements / contracts;
  • verification of written translations by the notary seal;
  • legalization and Apostil procedures for all kinds of documents;
  • support in accreditation of foreign legal entities and their employees in the Region;
  • consulting on arbitration issues in Russia and abroad;
  • providing of representation in general jurisdiction courts and arbitration courts;
  • providing full support in opening a representing office and registration of companies with foreign capital in Russia.

Verification and assessment of Russian companies

  • Verification of Russian companies
    In order to verify the company’s existence, our specialists request an extract from the United State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL) of the Russian Federation. This document allows us to check the data on the company’s name, tax identification code (INN), Primary State Registration Number (PSRN), location of the company, information about founders and management, company’s registered capital, its affiliated branches and other important information.
  • Economic assessment of Russian companies
    Correct assessment of the financial status of your partner in Russia is one of the most important conditions for a successful business. Information about the company is presented in the form of economic report and contains the following items: legal form, founding date, registration data, authorized capital, founders, guide activities, number of employees, annual turnover, real estate, auditors, subsidiaries, suppliers and partners, banks, method of payment, credit score, court cases.
    Economic profile contains six forms of financial statements, including balance sheet and profit and loss account. Reporting is available for the period from 1997 to 2013.On the basis of balance sheet data are calculated and presented in an easy to analyze form as the most important financial indicators of the desired company and the industry as a whole: equity and return on capital employed, return on assets, profit margin coverage ratio, inventory turnover, etc.