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Today Vietnam is not only one of the leading tourist centers of Southeast Asia, but also an attractive market for domestic exporters and importers.

Russia imports from Vietnam, rice, fruits, fish, coffee, tea, seafood, computer peripherals, clothing, textiles, furniture, footwear, ceramic products, telephones and accessories, natural rubber, plastic products.

Exports from Russia to Vietnam is represented by the following product groups: heavy and transport engineering, chemical fertilizers, certain foods (black and red caviar, salmon, vodka, grain), gasoline and diesel fuel, equipment, paper, metal.

Search of manufacturers in Vietnam is complicated by language barriers, lack of online database producers, cross-cultural differences. Nevertheless, it is possible to note the historical closeness of our countries and a mutual interest in developing trade and economic relations.

Today the market of Vietnam offers to you a wide variety of products. In Vietnam major international plants for production of equipment, clothes, electronics, shoes, and other products are opened. This is not only because the production of goods in Vietnam is cheaper due to lower labor costs, construction etc., there are many reasons including well financial incentives for producers in Vietnam.

On May 29, 2015 in Burabay, Kazakhstan the free trade agreement was executed between the Eurasian Economic Union and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


The agreement will contribute to the expansion of integration relations between Vietnam and the Russian Federation, as well as to increase of the volume of mutual foreign trade.

Due to the increasing interest in supplies from Vietnam we have developed a scheme allowing to our customers to minimize risks in import organization from this region.


Our services provided in doing business with Vietnam

  1. ready-to-operate deals for import of goods
  2. Search of manufacturers with no further orders placed
  3. Selection of the optimal quotation
  4. Rapid assessment of reliability of contractors in Vietnam
  5. Certification of manufacturer
  6. Quality control
  7. Shipment control
  8. Warehouse services in Vietnam
  9. Execution in Vietnam
  10. Freight transport in Vietnam
  11. Accompanying by FEA interpreter-consultant


«Importo» has representatives in Nha Trang and Hanoi.

For additional information, please contact us on the details listed below.

Roman Gordienok

Head of FEA Outsourcing
+7 (812) 385 11 20 (доб. 105)
e-mail: roman@importo-group.com