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EU Countries

Foreign trade turnover with the countries of the European Union traditionally holds a leading position in Russia’s foreign trade statistics by country group.

Basic nonfood products imported from EU countries:

  • Plastics, rubber and products thereof;
  • paper and cardboard; products of paper pulp, paper or paperboard;
  • ferrous metals products;
  • nuclear reactors, boilers, equipment and machineries and parts thereof;
  • electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound-recording equipment, apparatus for recording and reproducing television image and sound, parts and details thereof;
  • vehicles for land transport, parts and details thereof;
  • aircraft and space vehicles and parts thereof;
  • Optical instruments and equipment, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, control, precision, medical or surgical equipment; parts and details thereof;
  • furniture; bedding, mattresses.


The company «Importo» specializes in delivery of the following cargoes from EU:

  • industrial equipment;
  • furniture;
  • bathroom fitment, fittings, pipes, other equipment;
  • industrial tools;
  • office equipment, instruments and controls.


Our services provided to customers in the Russian Federation when conducting business with EU countries.

1. Ready-to-operate conducting transactions for goods import

  • search of suppliers;
  • certification of producers (comprehensive inspection of contractor);
  • coordination of delivery commercial conditions;
  • signing contract for the benefit of our customers;
  • quality control of the end product;
  • cargo consolidation and registration of export documents;
  • customs clearance in Russia;
  • organization of cargo delivery to the consignee’s warehouse;
  • cargo certification and insurance;
  • implementation of international financial transactions.

2. Warehousing services in EU

  • reception / shipment of goods in container;
  • consolidation of multiload cargoes;
  • additional cargo packing by different types of transport;
  • opening, inspection of goods, packing, marking;
  • storage services.

3. Execution in EU

  • preparation of documents required for customs clearance in Russia;
  • drafting of the export declaration.

4. Freight transport in EU

  • delivery of multiload cargo to our consolidation stores;
  • shipping containers to ports.