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Since one of main activities of «Import» is the outsourcing of foreign trade activities due to increased interest in supplies from China and other Southeast Asian countries we have developed a working scheme allowing to our customers to minimize risks in import organization from this region.

Our services provided in doing business with China

Representatives of «Importo» are working in Guangzhou and Yiwu. In organizing deliveries of cargoes consolidation warehouses in Guangzhou, Foshan, Hunchun, Suifenhe, Urumqi are used. Cargo containers are transported through the main ports of China: Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, etc.

1. Ready-to-operate conducting transactions for goods import

  • search of suppliers;
  • certification of producers (comprehensive inspection of contractor);
  • coordination of delivery commercial conditions;
  • signing contract for the benefit of our customers;
  • quality control of the end product;
  • cargo consolidation and registration of export documents;
  • customs clearance in Russia;
  • organization of cargo delivery to the consignee’s warehouse;
  • cargo certification and insurance;
  • implementation of international financial transactions.

2. Search of suppliers with no orders placed

  • provision of information on 3-5 manufacturers in China: international name, contact data (address, telephone, fax, sites, e-mail). The enterprises produce the desired products and have experience in export sales.

3. Selection of the optimal quotation

  • direction of commercial queries to manufacturers;
  • business correspondence;
  • vendor selection with the best basic conditions of supply in proportion: product quality / price / expiration date / payment terms / ease of internal logistics;
  • development of optimal delivery scheme and customs clearance to minimize transit time and costs;
  • drawing up a written report with calculation of foreign trade delivery costs containing structure and principles of foreign trade transaction costs (if necessary);
  • obtaining product samples and evaluation of their quality (if necessary).

4. Rapid assessment of reliability of contractors in China

The report shall include the following information:

  • funding members and their business interests;
  • registration date of legal entity;
  • legal address and actual location of companies / branches / production facilities;
  • data on management;
  • data on goods produced / services rendered;
  • data on goods produced /main vendors/customers;
  • presence / absence of export-import license;
  • financial information (share capital, earnings, turnover).

5. Certification of manufacturer

The report shall include the following information:

  • data on founders and managers;
  • number of employees;
  • types of goods produced;
  • licenses;
  • certificates;
  • information about structure of labor resources distribution, production facilities, quality assurance system, number of sub-suppliers, availability of own R & D department, staff development.

6. Quality control

  • quality control of goods at the end of production to the date of payment to the supplier of the full value of goods to identify possible defects, shortage, regrading.

7. Контроль погрузки

  • control of shipment of goods;
  • monitoring of compliance with the right vehicle load.

8. Shipment control

  • reception / shipment of goods in container;
  • additional cargo packing by different types of transport;
  • opening, inspection of goods, packing;
  • storage services.

9. Execution in China

  • customs clearance;
  • drafting of certificate according to A form;
  • drafting of export declaration;
  • certification of price list of manufacturer by Trade Chamber of China.

10. Freight transport in China

  • delivery of multiload cargo to our consolidation stores;
  • shipping containers to ports.

11. Accompanying by FEA interpreter-consultant

  • Accompanying when visiting plants, negotiating;
  • Accompanying when visiting international exhibitions;
  • Translation services when placing orders and quality control;
  • other consultation services in China.

With us China will become closer,  

and work with Chinese partners will become faster and more efficient. 

For additional information, please contact us on the details listed below.

Roman Gordienok
Head of FEA Outsourcing
+7 (812) 385 11 20 (доб. 105)
e-mail: roman@importo-group.com