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Company “Importo” has been established in 2010. The company’s founders previously having experience in transport logistics and related industries decided to combine their skills to bring a new brand to market. Initially it was operator of logistics and customs services. Systematically competence and morale of department of logistics, customs escort, and commercial department were developed. In 2011 the own service was commissioned to deliver consolidated goods from EU countries to Russia. Over the years there was identified the demand for such services related to organization of FEA supplies based on one stop shop principle that determined the main strategic direction of further development . Nowadays Importo is FEA operator which offers to its customers a comprehensive range of services related to the implementation of foreign trade transactions with subjects of the Russian Federation. Every day the company not only delivers the goods imported from almost all parts of the globe, but also accompanies foreign trade transactions of clients, providing key services in countries exporting goods. Today, Importo company group together companies specializing in freight forwarding, trade, procurement and consulting activities. The company has a broad network of partners and representatives in EU countries, Argentina, Peru, China, India, Vietnam, Australia.

The Company «Importo» is the member of Chamber of Commerce of Leningrad Region, NPO “Guild of professional market parties providing services in the area of customs and FEA “Hermes”, regularly participates in trade fairs and conferences.