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India – Russia

Goods: lining of belt pulley
Supplier: India
Customer: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Current tasks:

  • search for alternative suppliers of products in India and China to reduce the cost of supplies;
  • checking reliability of producers;
  • request and delivery of product samples;
  • quality control of samples in the laboratory;
  • selection of factory – supplier meeting criteria needed (India);
  • development and conclusion of the contract for the supply of products;
  • making international payments;
  • «door-door» delivery;
  • customs clearance in Russia;
  • product delivery to the Customer under the internal Russian supply contract.


  • conducting negotiations with China and India suppliers to reduce purchasing prices;
  • product quality testing in a specialized laboratory.

Italy – Russia

Organization of delivery of bath and toilet equipment from Italy on route Civita Castellana(EXW) – Saint Petersburg (door)

Task: Organization of delivery and customs clearance of bath and toilet equipment batch (mixers, sinks, toilet bowl, bath furniture) on door-to-door conditions.

The conditions that had to be met for delivery:

  • operational organization of cargo intake from several warehouses in the circumstances of the time constraints;
  • customs clearance of cargo in Saint Petersburg.

Scope of work:

The case was distinguished through that company has received a request from the client for delivery on Thursday (06 August), in the second half of the day. Cargo weight: 5 t. Scheduled shipping date: Friday (07 August) – last day of the factory before the summer break. During the works the staff of Importo logistics department has found out that in the period from 14.00 Friday to 22.00 Sunday there are restrictions in Italy for trucks with total allowable weight of more than 7, 5 m. on public roads. Thanks to the competent organization of freight terminals, partners in Italy, the cargo was promptly taken from multiple warehouses until they are closed for the holidays, from 09.00 to 12.00 on Friday. Terminals quickly gathered goods from all warehouses in the last working hours enabling to deliver the goods to the customer on time without breaking the supply for a long period of summer vacation.

The transit time of door-to-door delivery incl. Custms clearance at customs of Saint Petersburg of North-Western Customs Administration was 14 days.

USA — Russia

Organization of equipment delivery from USA on route Sussex, USA (EXW) – Ust-Luga Harbor – Prokopyevsk town, Region Kemerovo, Russia (door)

Task: organization of all-in-one support of sales of import delivery of hydraulic testing bench

The conditions that had to be met in the process:

  • drafting and conclusion of foreign trade contract;
  • door-to-door delivery organization;
  • organization of customs clearance of goods in Russia;
  • certification of goods according to Russian requirements;
  • cargo insurance during international multimodal transportation.

Scope of work:

The case is example of complex FEA outsourcing. Under implementation of project by specialists of Importo the foreign trade contract for equipment delivery was drafted and concluded (hydraulic testing bench used to test hydraulic equipment amounted to 400000 US dollars, gross weight брутто 10002,17 kg), the delivery was paid up. The Company’s logistics department has organized multimodal transportation on route: Sussex, USA – Ust-Luga Harbor (shoreline OOCL) – Metallostroy warehouse — Prokopyevsk town, Region Kemerovo. The customs clearance of goods was carried out at Kingisepp customs of the North-Western Customs Administration. At warehouse in Metallostroy the 20’ maritime container has been repacked to Euro Trailer with further transportation to Prokopyevsk.

Transit time of door-to-door delivery incl. customs clearance was 45 days.