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China — Russia

Good: doorknobs, butts and door fittings

Supplier: China

Customer: Saint-Petersburg, Russian

Current tasks:

  • Search for producers of the required quality and price range;
  • checking reliability of producers;
  • request and delivery of product samples;
  • quality control of samples in the laboratory;
  • selection of factory – supplier meeting criteria needed;
  • conducting commercial negotiations regarding the conditions of manufacture of products with the application of a specified logo;
  • development and conclusion of the contract for the supply of products;
  • making international payments;
  • inspection of the quality after production of products batch;
  • «door-door» delivery;
  • customs clearance in Russia;
  • product delivery to the Customer under the internal Russian supply contract.


  • involvement of representatives of the company «Importo» in China to solve any tasks;
  • conducting negotiations on individual design of the logo on products and packaging;
  • product quality testing in a specialized laboratory.

Italy – Kazakhstan

Organization of transportation of large-sized equipment on route Italy – Kazakhstan

Task: organization of international transport of equipment by road (rotary tables to produce concrete goods) on the conditions door-to-door on route Italy – Kazakhstan by several trucks with no overloading on route.

The conditions that had to be met for delivery:

  1. optimization of route and costs of registration of permits;
  2. supply of cars (5 trucks with internal height of the semi-trailer — 3 m.) according to strictly coordinated plan by the sender («JustinTime»);
  3. execution of documents per shipment by several cars wagons;
  4. transit time should not exceed 14 days.

Scope of work

Since this delivery has required special additional permissive documents (two or three sides of permits), it was decided to choose the route of delivery with interim storage house of goods consolidation and clearance. Transportation assumed compliance with loading machines conditions by sender and further one-time registration at customs (export). The process of export execution took place based on one set of documents for the entire supply with a single invoice and sub-invoices for every single vehicle group for which a separate export declaration was issued.

At the same time the documents had to fully comply with the requirements of customs representative — the consignee. The process of customs clearance in Kazakhstan took place based on a single declaration (one delivery) allowed one day to get out all trucks.

The trucks have been monitored on the whole route that was necessary to coordinate their one-time arrival at warehouse for temporary storage.

As a result of the coordinated actions of the logistics department of «Importo» and third parties — participants of the international transportation, the transit time of door-to-door delivery from Italy to Kazakhstan was 12 days.